New Minister

Rev D Crieghton and familyOn Friday 16th October Rev Douglas Creighton was Ordained as Minister for East Neuk Trinity linked with St Monans.

We would like to welcome Rev Creighton and his family to East Neuk Community but especially the parishes of East Neuk Trinity linked with St Monans.

Weekly Sermons


Thought for the Week


Week Beginning: 22nd Nov 2020

As November nights draw in, we all appreciate a warm, cosy home, a place of shelter and comfort, and we are blessed to have one.

For many in our world today, there is nowhere like that. Home may be a place of fear, or of loneliness, especially in days of lockdown, and for the many homeless, there may be no place to call their own, except a cardboard shelter on the street.

Throughout the world, there are millions of refugees fleeing war or famine, people who have lost loved ones, homes, jobs and dreams, people with so little left and now hit even harder by the pandemic, who are forced to risk everything to find a new home.

In our prayers, may we remember the homeless in our own country and the refugees throughout the world, and the people and organisations who work to help them


Home is where the heart is -
the aching heart, the courageous heart,
the heart that longs for peace.
Home is where the healing is -
healing for our sorrows, healing for our mistakes,
Healing for the dreams that haven’t come to pass.
Home is where the hope is -
the hope of Christ, the hope of a new day,
The hope of a love that never fails.


Zoom Meetings

picture_1_0.pngThere are a growing number of our church activities now being organised via Zoom. We have had quiz nights, Woman’s Group drinks, coffee morning, committee meetings, Trinity Teatime and this Sunday Rev Gavin Boswell is trialing a service of worship at 10.30am. Please look out for adverts and invitations in the weekly email. We look forward to seeing you!

A Welcome From the Congregation

Life is a journey and we at East Neuk Trinity Church  would be very pleased to walk part or all of it with you.

A group of ordinary people with a variety of backgrounds, we do not claim to have all the answers, but we are willing to explore life’s questions with you and to join with you as you celebrate life’s rites of passage: births, wedding, funerals and all that happens in between.

We are committed to make God known in this place through our worship, in the way that we respond, connect and reflect the love of God within our communities.

We acknowledge the physical and spiritual aspects of life, and firmly believe both have to be held together to find fulfilment in this life, and to ensure eternal life.

Living in the present and looking to the future, we aim to be creative and compassionate in our interactions with others, non- judgemental and welcoming to all who come through the doors of our churches and into our wider community.

The congregation of East Neuk Trinity Church welcomes you! We invite you to come and visit our places of Worship , East Neuk Trinity Church and Colinsburgh Town Hall.

Please note dates and times of services, details of which are given on this website and in noticeboards. Each Sunday, forthcoming services are noted on the Order of Service.

You will find us a friendly group of people who are anxious that our church and our community should be open and outgoing. Enjoy your visit with us!

Children's Church


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Church Services

Please follow our facebook page East Neuk Trinity Church of Scotland to keep up to date on information.

Three centres but ONE CHURCH

Services are usually held in the following locations each month at 11:00am:

Elie Church
1st and 3rd Sundays of the month
Kilconquhar Church
2nd and 4th Sundays of the month
Colinsburgh Town Hall
5th Sunday of the month

Full list of weekly services - any change will be notified.

Please note change of venues for the first two weeks of November.