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Solitary Bee

Bugs and Beasties Exhibition 2017 Solitary Bee Photo: Alison Chapman
21st Sep 2017

Carder Bee

Bugs and Beasties of the East Neuk Exhibition 2017 Carder Bee Photo: Lorna Chapman
14th Sep 2017

Cautleya gracilis

Ginger family from Himalayas.
7th Sep 2017

Crocosmia - Star of the East

Large flowers.
31st Aug 2017

Syringa yunnanensis

Lilac Southwest China
29th Jun 2017

Corydalis flexuosa

Blue Corydalis Southwest China
22nd Jun 2017

Papaver orientale

Oriental Poppy Southwest Asia
15th Jun 2017

Phlox divaricata - Chattahoochee

North American alpine phlox.
8th Jun 2017

Iris variegata

Central and SE Europe.
1st Jun 2017