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Syringa yunnanensis

Lilac Southwest China
29th Jun 2017

Corydalis flexuosa

Blue Corydalis Southwest China
22nd Jun 2017

Papaver orientale

Oriental Poppy Southwest Asia
15th Jun 2017

Phlox divaricata - Chattahoochee

North American alpine phlox.
8th Jun 2017

Iris variegata

Central and SE Europe.
1st Jun 2017

Arisarum proboscidium

Mouse plant. From Italy and Spain.
18th May 2017

Paeonia suffruticosa - Suffruticosa

Chinese tree peony from wild seed from Shanghai BG.
11th May 2017

Cypripedium ventricosum - Pink selection

East USA ground orchid.
4th May 2017

Paeonia clusii

Crete Peony, endemic to Crete.
27th Apr 2017