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Paeonia clusii

Crete Peony, endemic to Crete.
27th Apr 2017

Rhodanthemum (Chrysanthemum) hosmariense

Moroccan Daisy. Flowers 11 months of the year.
20th Apr 2017

Anemone blanda - Southeast Europe to Caucasus.

Southeast Europe to Caucasus.
6th Apr 2017

Forsythia x intermedia - Karl Sax

Named for William Forsyth (1737-1804).
30th Mar 2017


The joy of Spring Five cultivars, all so different.
23rd Mar 2017

Eranthis cilicica

From Cilicia in Asia Minor.
16th Mar 2017

Narcissus - Tete-a-Tete

Dwarf daffodil.
9th Mar 2017

Primula vulgaris - Atlantica

Algerian Primrose.
2nd Mar 2017

Crocus tommasinianus - Barr’s Purple

Originally from the Balkans.
23rd Feb 2017