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Rosa - Gloire de Dijon

The last rose of summer?
26th Oct 2017

Ringet Butterflies mating

East Neuk Trinity Bugs and beasties. Photo: Alison Chapman
19th Oct 2017

Morus nigra fruit

Black Mulberry. East Asia. Harvest time.
12th Oct 2017

Blue Bottle Fly on Ivy

East Neuk Trinity Bugs and Beasties Exhibition
5th Oct 2017

Red Admiral Butterfly

Bugs and Beasties exhibition.
28th Sep 2017

Solitary Bee

Bugs and Beasties Exhibition 2017 Solitary Bee Photo: Alison Chapman
21st Sep 2017

Carder Bee

Bugs and Beasties of the East Neuk Exhibition 2017 Carder Bee Photo: Lorna Chapman
14th Sep 2017

Cautleya gracilis

Ginger family from Himalayas.
7th Sep 2017

Crocosmia - Star of the East

Large flowers.
31st Aug 2017