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Crocus speciosus

Autumn flowering crocus. Crimea, Caucasus, Turkey, Iran.
6th Oct 2016

Eucomis pole-evansii - Purpurea

Originally South African bulb.
29th Sep 2016

Sedum - Autumn Joy

Red Admiral on Ice plant.
22nd Sep 2016

Hydrangea macrophylla - ‘Blue Wave’ with dewdrops

Lacecap. Flowers pink on alkaline soils.
15th Sep 2016

Colchicum agrippinum

From Greece and SW Turkey A suspected hybrid between C. variegatum and C. autumnale.
8th Sep 2016

Eryngium alpinum

Yugoslavian Sea Holly
1st Sep 2016

Hoheria sexstylosa

Hardy small tree from New Zealand.
25th Aug 2016

Clematis montana - Wilsonii

Named for Ernest (Chinese) Wilson. Chocolate scented flowers.
30th Jun 2016

Erodium manescavi - Storksbill

Pyrenees alpine.
23rd Jun 2016