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Hedera nepalensis - sinensis

Chinese Ivy.
8th Dec 2016

Phormium tenax - ‘Maori Chief’

Variegated New Zealand Flax.
1st Dec 2016

Cyclamen hederifolium - Silver-leaved form

A special garden selection.
24th Nov 2016

Antirrhinum majus

Short lived perennial from the Mediterranean region.
17th Nov 2016

Clematis tangutica

From Mongolia and NW China. Yellow-flowered climber.
10th Nov 2016

Parthenocissus tricuspidata

From Japan, Korea and China. Rampant climber.
3rd Nov 2016

Serratula seoanei

Dwarf herbaceous plant from SW Europe.
27th Oct 2016

Nerine bowdenii

South Africa (East Cape).
20th Oct 2016

Colchicum speciosum album

Crimea, Caucasus, Turkey, Iran.
13th Oct 2016