1st Jan Robert Thom, Mason, son of the deceased Archibald Thom, Sailor - 10½ yards Northeast from Bogmill's stones.

17th Jan Christian Bowman, Spouse of the deceased George Bowman, Weaver - buried West side of William Rankillor's stone, 2 feet Northward.

2nd Feb Mrs Ponton, Spouse of William Ponton, Weaver, Rottenrow - 12 yards from Southwest corner and 3½ yards from South dyke.

6th Feb Margaret Ovenstone, daughter of David Ovenstone, Fisherman, "Taft," - 2 yards South of George Melven's stone.

10th Mar Jean Russel, Spouse of the deceased William Myles, Mason, Elie - 6½ yards from West and 11½ yards from South dyke.

7th April Mrs Morris, Mother of John Morris, Baker - 2 feet South from William Herd's stone.

17th Apr William Given, Mason, Elie - 4½ yards from the North Bogmill's stone. Note; William was a native of "Balcleavie."

21st Apr Alexander Archibald, Candlemaker - 5 yards Norlth from David Swan's tomb.

19th May Andrew Thomson, son of Helen Latto - 6 yards from Sir John's Stair and 3 yards from the Northeast corner of the Church.

18th Oct Robert Adamson - 13 yards from Southeast corner and 2 yards from South dyke.