7th Jan John Currie, son of John Currie, Wright, Elie - 2 yards East from David Currie's headstone.

21st Jan Hugh Swan, son of George Swan, Baker, Elie - 7 yards West from Northwest corner of the Church.

25th Jan Buried in one grave a man and a woman, passengers on board the "Marchioness of Huntly," Aberdeen and Leith Packet, which was wrecked on a stormy night on the shore between Elie and Earlsferry - 8 yards North of McIntyre's stone, close to East dyke.

25th Jan A young man, (a Doctor) belonging to Aberdeen, Passenger on board the above mentioned Packet, who also drowned on the said stormy night - Buried by the side of his unfortunate fellow passengers. Note: This Packet on her way from Leith to Aberdeen, brought up to an anchor about Twilight , a short distance West from the Harbour but too near the shore. The wind Southeast with a heavy sea, she struck the ground about 6 p.m. The cries of the passengers and crew for help were distressing. A few brave men belonging to Elie, manned a boat and at the risk of their lives, saved the survivors who clung to the wreck.

27th Jan William Ponton, Weaver, Rottenrow - 11 yards East from Southwest corner and 1 yard from South dyke.

Feb Edward Sime, Ship Carpenter - 6 yards from West and 8 yards from South dyke.

29th Mar Helen Baxter, spouse of the deceased Alexander Milne, Shoemaker - 3 yards Southeast from Helen Thomson's stone.