6th Jan Agnes Herd, Spouse of the deceased William Douglas - 4 yards Northwest from Dunbar stones.

20th Jan Elizabeth Wallace, Spouse of deceased James Sime, Carpenter - 7 yards from South dyke and 5 from James Carmichael's stone.

28th Jan Sir John Carmichael, Anstruther, Bart. - Southwest corner of Aisle.

11th Apr John Duncan, Labourer - 10 yards South from Northeast corner of Churchyard.

2nd June Magdlen Milne - 2 yards South of Helen Thomson's stone.

27th July Jean Stevenson, daughter of the deceased James Stevenson - 4½ yards South from Dunbar stones.

30th July William Sime, son of Alexander Sime, Mason - 10 yards North of Southwest corner, 4 yards from West dyke.

15th Aug Robert Thomson, Fisherman, Elie Taft - 2 yards from South dyke and 2 yards East of Session House.

25th Aug Helen Scott, daughter of the deceased Dr John Scott - 3 yards South from Steeple door.

9th Oct David Marr, Blacksmith, Elie - 7 yards South from James Patullo's stone.

20th Nov James Ovenston, Shipmaster, son of John Ovenston, "Taft" - 5 yards East from David Swan's tomb and 5 yards from South dyke.

4th Dec Joseph Ingles. Gardener, Balcaskie - 7 yards North from David Swan's tomb.

22nd Dec Elizabeth Maitland, Spouse of James Keddie - 4 yards from William Herd's gable and 4 feet from West dyke.