20th Feb John Munrow, Earlsferry - 5 yards from the Southeast corner and 3 yards from South dyke. N.B. An old Soldier.

11th Apr John Alexander, Sailor, who was drowned by the upsetting of a boat near chapel point while on it's way from Leith to Elie Harbour - 8 yards West from Margaret Wood's stone and 11 yards Southwest from Agnes Henderson's.

20th Feb Susan Ovenston - 8 yards East from the Elder's House and 4 from South dyke.

13th Apr Nancy Pousty, daughter of Andrew Pousty, Weaver - 4 yards West from North Dunbar stones.

16th Apr William Pousty, son of Archibald Pousty, Heckler, Elie - 3½ yards West of Dunbar stones.

19th Apr Minnie Pousty, daughter of Archibald Pousty, Heckler - laid at the South side of her brother.

23rd Apr John Wishart, son of James Wishart, Sailor - 3 yards North from "Dunbar Stones."

23rd Apr Andrew Gray, son of Archibald Gray, Sailor - 4 yards North from Southeast corner of the Churchyard.

1st May David Pousty, son of Archibald Pousty, Heckler - 4 yards Northwest from Dunbar stones.

2nd May William Calman, son of John Calman - 4 yards South from North dyke at William Herd's gable.

12th May John Wilkie, Natural son of John Wilkie, late Gardener, Elie House - 3 yards Southwest from William Duddingston's pillar stone. Note; An Imbicile.

14th May John Lawson, son of Alexander Lawson, Farmer - 4 yards East from Peter Jarvis' tomb an 2 yards from North dyke.

24th May Ann Davidson, daughter of deceased Simon Davidson, Weaver - 8½ yards Northeast from David Swan's tomb.

12th June William Brown, Weaver, Elie - 2 yards from West Porch door.

2nd July John Sim's young child - Southwest corner of James Carmichael's stone, near West dyke.

20th July Helen Hastie, Spouse of James Pittillow - Below Pittillow's pillar stone, near the West porch.

25th Oct Elizabeth Chapman, daughter of the deceased Philip Chapman - 12 yards South from West Porch.

29th Oct Isabell Plenderleith, daughter of the deceased Benjamin Plenderleith - 11 yards South from steeple stair.

8th Nov James Glendey, Heckler - 8 yards Northeast from Dunbar stones.

10th Nov John Buie, Colinsburgh - 4 yards from East dyke and 4 yards from North.

11th Nov Christian Ness, Spouse of John Constable - 4 yards South of William Duddinstone's stone.

17th Nov Agnes Cummings, daughter of William Cummings - 3 yards East from Alexander Simpson's stone.

28th Dec Robert Sime, son of William Sime, Mason - 10 yards North from Southwest corner and 2½ yards from West dyke.