20th Feb James Clark, Seventh son of Edward Clark, Mariner, on board H.M.S. "Regent" (Cruiser) - Southwest corner of Dunbar stones.

23rd Feb Janet Black, Spouse of David Boyd, Barnyards - 12 yards Southwest from Dunbar stones and 2½ yards from South dyke.

11th Apr Margaret Ballingall, Spouse of David Jack, Sailor, Earlsferry - 6½ yards West from Alexander Simpson's stone.

19th May Agnes Given, daughter of James Given, Mason, Elie - 5½ yards East from Bogmill stone.

19th May A young child of Mr Tillford's (stranger) - 4½ yards East from Dunbar stones and 2 yards from East dyke.

3rd June Mary Chapman, daughter of deceased James Chapman, Mason, Elie - 11½ yards North from Gillespie's tomb.

13th Aug James Younger (aged 85 years) Gardener, Newton, or Charleton - 5 yards South and West from William Rankillor's stone.

30th Aug Catherine Wood, daughter of Dr. Wood, Cupar, Fife - 3 yards South from Thomas Duncan's pillar stone.

18th Sept Elizabeth Balram, Spouse of Peter Jarvis, Earlsferry - 4 yards South from Jarvis' tomb.

26th Sept Margaret Black, daughter of William Black - 8 yards West from Margaret Wood's stone, close to dyke.

4th Oct Alexander Duncan ( killed at the Lint Mill, Elie) - 5 yards Northwest from Margaret Wood's stone and 6 yards from South dyke.

5th Dec William Myles, Mason, Elie - 6½ yards from South dyke and 6 yards from West dyke. N.B. This was one of the Masons who built the front of Elie House.

18th Dec Mrs Young, Spouse of Mr Young the First Mate of the "Wellington" Cutter - 7 yards from the Northeast corner and 2 yards from East dyke.