21st Jan Agnes Brown, Spouse of deceased William Ovenston, Taft - 7 yards South from Dunbar stones, and 3 yards from South dyke.

18th Mar David Currie, Wright - 3 feet from Norltheast corner of David Swan's tomb.

20th Mar Mr. Oliphant, only a short time in Elie - 6 yards East from Southeast corner of Church, under the flat stone on the brae.

23rd Mar Andrew Ovenston, Spouse of William Bennet, Sailor - 7 yards South from East porch door.

24th Mar Robert Douglas, son of John Douglas, Weaver, Elie - 4 yards 2 feet Northeast from Danial Douglas' headstone.

1st July Betty Byars, daughter of the deceased William Byars, Elie - 8 yards West and North from the Northwest corner of Church.

12th July Elspet Beveridge, daughter of the deceased John Beveridge - 5 yards West from Agnes Henderson's stone.

12th July Grandchild of David Ballingall, Earlsferry - ? yards Northeast from David Swan's tomb.

12th Oct Mrs Patterson - 12 yards Northeast from Dunbar stones and 4½ yards from East dyke.

21st Oct Benjamin Calman, son of John Calman - 2½ yards from North dyke (East end of brae.)

30th Oct John Tulloch - 10 yards West from Northeast corner of dyke.

12th Nov Agnes Ballingall, daughter of John Ballingall - 9 yards Northeast from David Swan's tomb.

21st Nov Janet Dingwall, daughter of Andrew Dingwall, Wright - 10½ yards East and South of Peter Jarvis' tomb.

19th Dec Andrew Paton, Mariner, Elie, (aged 84 years) - 10 yards Northeast from the Dunbar stones and 4 yards West from East dyke.

20th Dec James Brown, Wright, Grandson of David Purvis - 1 yard Southwest of William Rankillor's headstone.

27th Dec Helen Hutchison, daughter of Kenneth Hutchison, Sawyer - 6½ yards West from Northwest corner of the Aisle and 1 yard from North wall.