6th Jan Jean Given, Spouse of the late William Horsburgh - 2½ yards from Northwest corner of Isle. Note; Mother of James Horsburgh.

11th Mar Margaret Halkerstone, Spouse of the late Alexander Patterson - 12 yards Southwest from Rankielor's stone and 14 yards East from Carmichael's.

15th Mar Margaret Bridges, daughter of John Bridges, Baker, Elie - 5½ yards from South dyke. Stone at her head.

15th Mar Alexander Bennett, son of Alexander Bennett, Sailor, Elie - 5 yards from Duncan's pillar stone.

18th Mar Mrs Cowie, Spouse of John Cowie - 4 yards East from Duncan's pillar stone.

11th Apr David Luke, Lint Miller, Elie - 2 yards South and West from George Melvin's headstone.

8th June David Currie, Son of John Currie, Wright, Elie - 4 yards East from David Swan's tomb.

24th July Andrew Thomson, late Ship Master, Elie - 4 yards West from Gillespie's tomb, close to South dyke.

8th Aug Christian Sime, daughter of Alexander Sime, Mason, Elie - 10 yards North from the Southwest corner and 2 yards 2 feet from James Carmichael's stone.

18th Aug Margaret Beveridge, Spouse of the deceased Philip Galloway - 11 yards South and West from West porch door.

13th Sept Alexander Jervis, Earlsferry - 3 yards South from Thomas Jervis' tomb.

28th Oct Ann Langlands, Spouse of James White, Packet Master, Elie - 10 yards North from Bogmill's stones.

16th Nov William Boyd, son of William Boyd, Rottenraw - 10 yards South from George Melven's stone.

8th Dec Ann Beveridge, daughter of the deceased John Beveridge, Weaver, Elie - 4 yards Southwest from James Wachob's stone.

22nd Dec Ann Mays, Spouse of John Munrow, Earlsferry - 6 yards West from Southeast corner and 4 yards from South dyke.