4th Jan Ann Ballingall, Spouse of the deceased Alexander Lessels - 3 yards North by West of Alexander Simpson's stone.

21st Jan Margaret Taylor, Spouse of Walter Ovenston, Sailor, Elie - 5 yards East from Northeast corner of Session House and 3½ yards from South dyke.

31st Jan Mysie Wyllie, daughter of the deceased William Wylie, Elie - 4 feet South from West door of Church.

31st Jan Maglin Milne, daughter of the late Alexander Milne, Shoemaker, Elie - 4 yards North from Alexander Simpson's stone and 3 yards Southeast from Helen Thomson's.

15th Feb Helen Milne, daughter of Alexander Milne, Shoemaker - 5 yards North from Alexander Simpson's stone.

12th Apr Mrs Wilson, Midwife, Spouse of deceased John Wilson, Weaver, Elie - 9 feet from Northeast corner of Isle or Aisle.

17th June Elspet Duncan, Spouse of John Flee - 10 yards from East dyke and 2½ yards from North dyke.

27th July Elizabeth Sime, Spouse of the deceased James Taylor, Elie - 4 yards 1 foot from South dyke and 2 yards 1 foot from West dyke.

7th Aug Margaret Cairns, Spouse of Andrew Paton, Sailor, Elie - 6 yards Northeast from the Dunbar stones, close to East dyke.

11th Sept A young child, granddaughter of John Scott, Tailor - 3 yards Northeast from David Swan's tomb.

5th Nov Margaret Scott, Spouse of John Bridges, Baker, Elie - 3 yards from South dyke and 7 yards West of Gillespie's tomb.

7th Dec Mrs Fleming, Mother in law of George Berwick, Brewer - 13 yards (South by West) from West door of Church.

23rd Dec A poor beggar man, name unknown - 6 yards from East dyke and 6 yards South from Mary Scott's stone.