29th Jan John Lawson, Farmer, Elie - 12 yards Northeast off the Northeast corner of the Kirk.

31st Jan Margaret Patrick, Spouse of John Ponton, Weaver, Rottenrow - 12 yards Northeast from the Southwest corner of Churchyard and 6 yards from South dyke.

25th Feb Thomas Simpson, late Brewer to Mr Chalmers, Elie - 8 yards West from Southwest corner of the Church.

11th Mar John Reid, Doctor, Elie - 4 yards South from the West Porch door and 2 yards North from James Wachob's stone.

4th May Minnie Durkie, Spouse of William Pousty, Heckler, Elie - 4 yards 2 feet West from Dunbar stones.

24th May A man (name unknown) found by the Fishermen - 7 yards Northeast from "Dunbar stones." Supposed to belong to Dunbar.

1st June Mary Lewchars, daughter of David Lewchars, Sailor - 10 yards East from the Southeast corner of the Church.

4th July John Calman - 8 yards from North dyke and 8 yards from West dyke.

5th Sept John Wishart, son of James Wishart - 2 yards North of Dunbar stones.

24th Sept Agnes Wright - 17 yards East from Thomas Duncan's stone.

30th Sept A young child of Duncan McDonald, Sailor - near North wall of Church, West side of "Isle" of Aisle.

26th Oct Margaret Duncan, daughter of Thomas Duncan, Carter, Elie - 6 yards Northeast from Dunbar stones.