7th Jan Sir Philip Anstruther, Bart. - opposite the entrance door of "Isle" or Aisle.

7th Jan Peter Jervis, Tenant, Balmonth - 4 yards South of his father's stone.

5th Feb Edward Anderson, Weaver, Elie - 3 yards South of Agnes Henderson's stone.

18th Feb Margaret Coventry, sister of the late Peter Coventry - 2 yards 1 foot South of George Melvin's stone.

19th Feb John Cowie's young child - North side of Bogmill stones, close to the East gable of Church.

7th Mar John Thomson, son of Robert Thomson, Fisherman, Taft - 2 yards 2 feet East of Session House and 2 feet from South dyke. Died of measles.

7th Mar Walter Berwick, son of Charles Berwick, Brewer - West end of Walter Brown's stone, close to West dyke. Died of measles.

16th Mar Robert Dewarm son of Michael Dewar, Carter - 4 yards 1 foot South of Margaret Henderson's stone.

28th Mar Margaret Calman, daughter of Benjamin Calman, Weaver, Elie - 2 yards 2 feet Southeast from William Herd's gable.

11th April Agnes Cumming, daughter of William Cumming, Carter, Elie - 4 yards 2 feet Southeast of Alexander Simpson's stone.

18th April Mary Mason, daughter of William Mason, Sailor, Earlsferry - 6 yards 2 feet from William Herd's dyke.

26th April Mary Gilmour, Spouse of deceased Archibald Thom, Flesher, Elie - 2 yards East from Bogmill's middle stone.

6th May James Greig, Weaver, Earlsferry - 4 yards 2 feet Northeast from the North Dunbar stone and 4 yards from East dyke.

23rd Sept William Robertson, Senior, Sailor, Elie - 15 yards South by West of West porch door and 12 yards from South dyke.

20th Nov Ann Clark, daughter of William Clark, Jobbing gardener, Elie - 5 yards South and West from Dunbar stones. A small pillar stone at her head.