3rd Feb James Stevenson, or Steenson, Elie - 3 yard direct South of Dunbar stones.

19th Feb William Brown, late Cook, Elie House - 9 yards Southwest from Wishart's stone.

5th Mar Christian Black, Elie - 12 yards Southeast of David Swan's tomb and 3 yards from the South dyke.

8th April Elizabeth Bennett, Spouse of George Swan, Baker, Elie - 12 yards West from the Northwest corner of the Kirk and 10 yards South from William Herd's dyke.

9th April Margaret Ballingall, Spouse to the deceased Andrew White, Weaver, Drumeldrie - 2 yards Northwest of Alexander Simpson's stone.

20th April Mathew Taylor, Parish Schoolmaster, Elie - 3 yards south of "Bogmill" stones close to the East gable of the Church. We may be allowed to remark that Mr Taylor was an excellent Teacher in his day.

21st April Jean Rainie, Spouse of David Leuchars, Sailor, Elie - 10 yards East from the Southeast corner of the Kirk.

31st May Christian Milne, Spouse of Thomas Foggo - 2 feet Northeast of Alexander Simpson's stone.

28th June John Douglas, Tailor, Elie - 6 yards Northwest from the North Dunbar stone.

9th July Jean Birrell, sister of George Birrell, Sailor - 9 yards Northeast from Dunbar stones, 6 yards from East dyke.

11th July Isobel Given, daughter of the late Robert Given, Weaver, Elie - 10 yards East from the North Bogmill pillar stone.

31st Oct Isobel Bridges, cousin of John Bridges, Baker, Elie - 2 yards North of South dyke and 8 yards West of Gillespie's tomb.

21st Nov Helen Boak, Spouse of James Glenday, Heckler - 7 yards Northeast from the Dunbar stones and 2 feet from East dyke.

15th Dec Jean Forbes, daughter of the late Alexander Forbes, Tailor, Balcleavie - North side of Mary Wood's stone and 22 yards West of Gillespie's tomb.

16th Dec Mary Bruce, sister of William Bruce, Weaver, Elie - 7 yards Southeast from Walter Brown's stone.

28th Dec Mysie Given, Spouse of the deceased Archibald Thom, Sailor, Elie - 2 yards East from the North Bogmill stone.