11th Jan Mary Galloway, daughter of Robert Galloway, Ploughman - 14 yards North East of the Dunbar Stones and 2 yards 1 foot from East dyke.

27th Jan Janet Boyd, daughter of William Boyd, Rottenrow - 6 yards 1 foot south of George Melvin's stone and 2 yards from South dyke.

1st Feb Janet Smith, Spouse of John Calman - 8 yards from West dyke and 4 yards 2 feet from William Herd's wall.

2nd Feb A man belonging to Pathhead who was lost from a boat at "West Sea" - 8 yards 2 feet North from Southeast corner of Churchyard.

12th Mar Mrs Chalmers, Spouse of Peter Chalmers, Elie - 8 yards East of Thomas Duncan's stone.

5th April Agnes Taylor, grandchild of John Flee, Elie - 8 yards West from Northeast corner of Church yard.

28th July Janet Black, Spouse of deceased William Walker Wright - 12 yards Southwest of George Melvin's stone and 10 yards Northeast from D. Swan's tomb.

24th Sept Mrs Jarvis, Spouse of Peter Jarvis, Farmer, Balmonth - 2 yards Southeast from Jarvis' Tombstone.

17th Oct James Sime, Carpenter, Elie - 6 yards South from James Carmichael's stone, near the West dyke.