8th Jan Margaret Allan - 7 yards, 1 foot East of David Swan's tomb - and 5 yards 2 feet from South dyke.

12th Jan Ann McIntosh, daughter of Philip McIntosh - 3 yards East of Thomas Duncan's stone.

22nd Jan Janet Mackie, Spouse of John Goven, Weaver, Kilconquhar - 12 yards East of Bogmill stones.

25th Jan William Herd, son of William Herd, Shoemaker - 1½ feet from Headstone.

29th Mar A man Named Wymiss, belonging to St. Andrews, one of the crew of a Vessel belonging to Dundee which was lost, with all hands, between the Fish rock, and "Lady's House," on a Dark stormy night, none having witnessed the sad event. Having been 4 weeks in the water he was found at "Wadeshaven" - Interred 5 yards East of Dunbar Stones, close to East Dyke. Note the friends of deceased arrived while the Company of the funeral was in the Church Yard.

6th April Andrew Black, belonging to Dundee, Captain of Sloop mentioned above, found on the sand laid beside Mrs Mionasy.

16th April The boy belonging to the ill-fated vessel which was lost at the Saucher rocks, between Fish Rock and Lady's House - was found among the rocks below Earlsferry - is laid beside the two men - on the South side of the Captain.

2nd May William Duddingston of St. Ford.

7th May Margaret Govan, daughter of the deceased Captain Gavin - 12 yards West of Gillespie's tomb, close to the South dyke.

9th May Cecilia Brown, Spouse of William Brown, Weaver in Elie - 4 yards South of West porch door.

11th June Ann Stevens, Spouse of William Bruce, Weaver in Elie - 5 yards East of the South stone, on which there is a ship.

13th Sept George Purson, Mason, Elie - 3 yards 1 foot East of David Swan's tomb.

5th Oct Joseph Boyd, Son of George Boyd, Tailor - 7 yards South by East of George Melvil's stone.

4th Dec Christian Mackie - 16 yards East of Bogmill's stones and 4 feet North from Mary Scott's stone.

31st Dec David Robertson, Son of Peter Robertson, Second Mate of the "Charlotte" Cutter - 12 yards North from South dyke opposite Edward Wallace's barn door.