21st Jan Agnes Purson, daughter of George Purson, Mason - 3 yards 2 feet East side of "Swan's Tombstone" in John Archibald's burial place.

11th March Jean Brown - 5 yards East of Peter Jervis' Tombstone.

31st March Thomas White Wright - in the hollow 4 yards from West dyke, between the burial places of Mr. Brown and the Carmichaels.

10th April A child of the deceased Thomas White - 3 yards from West dyke.

14th April Janet Horsburgh, Spouse of Thomas Simpson - West side of the two stones on the brae near the West gable of the Church.

30th April Elizabeth Wishart - 6 yards 1 foot North of the Dunbar Stones.

6th May Andrew Pousty's child - 3 yards West from the Dunbar Stones.

9th May Thomas Douglas - 4 yards 1 foot North East from Daniel Douglas ' stone.

9th May Isabel Pousty - 2 yards 1 foot from South dyke into David Allan's burial place.

24th June Margaret Tullis' child - 5 feet South of West door.

26th June David Marr's wife - below Charles Marr's gravestone, 6 feet Northwest from Agnes Henderson's stone.

13th July Mrs Birrell - laid in John Wishart's burial ground, North of Dunbar Stones.

15th July Catherine Thomson - 13 feet Southwest of George Melvin's stone.

17th July Ann Steel - 6 feet from South dyke and 12 feet from Marjory Clark's stone.

22nd July John Ballingall, Earlsferry - 2 yards East of their own headstone.

27th July William Ovenstone, Fisherman, Elie Taft - Southeast corner of Churchyard.

31st Aug Helen Chalmers - 5 yards East of the Southeast corner of the Church.

22nd Sept James Taylor, Thatcher - 4 yards 1 foot from West dyke and 2 yards 2 feet from South dyke.

4th Dec Isobel Given, Spouse of the late Thomas Douglas - North side of her husband.

18th Dec Mr Chalmers - 7 yards East of the four pillar stone (T. Duncan) At the East Porch door.

21st Dec Agnes Maitland - 3 yards from William Herd's gable and 1 yard 1 foot from West dyke.

24th Dec Betty McIntosh - 4 yards East of T. Duncan's stone.

31st Dec Agnes Wishart - Northwest corner of Dunbar Stones.

31st Dec Alexander Lefsels - 2 feet West of Simpson's stone.