28th Jan Charles Stewart's child - in James Chapman's burial place.

17th Feb Lady Anstruther, died in London, aged 75 years - laid on the South side of St John.

10th April Mary Brown, spouse of John Ovenstone, Taft - 4 yards 1½ feet east of Session House and 4 yards 1 foot from South dyke.

21st April John Bridges, Baker, aged 84 years - 5 yards North of South dyke - near flat stone.

20th May Benjamin Calman's child - 2 yards 1 foot from William Herd's gable.

June Helen Anderson, Spouse of John Sime - 9 yards 1 foot East of Helen Scott's stone.

10th June Mrs Sime, Spouse of William Sime, Carter - 1 yard from Southwest corner.

2nd Oct Agnes Brown, daughter of William Brown, Weaver - 5 yards South of West Porch.

Nov Agnes Virch, daughter of Thomas Virch, Elie House - 2 yards 1 foot from the West, 2 yards from the South dyke.

14th Nov A daughter of Robert Thomson, Fisherman, Elie Taft - 3 yards Northeast from Session house and 3 yards 1 foot North of South dyke.

7th Dec Philip Calman, son of Benjamin Calman - 1 yard 2 feet from W. Herd's gable.