18th Jan David Wilson's child - 12 yards South of West Porch.

26th Jan Peter Jarvis, Farmer, Balmonth - at his own stone.

11th July Janet Wright - 4 yards South of William Herd's gable.

14th July Robert Bridges, Merchant - 6 yards North of South dyke, near the stone - drowned while bathing at Wadeshaven.

14th July Philip Galloway - 10 yards Southwest from the West Porch.

26th June John Hay's child - 1 foot from East dyke, North East corner.

15th Nov Charles Chapman, Carpenter - 11 yards North of the Gate, West side of road. ( A young man.)

10th Dec Alexander Milne, Shoemaker - 4 yards Southeast from Thomson's stone.

22nd Dec Janet Downie - 7 yards Northwest from the pillar stone and 11 yards Southwest from "Nanse" Henderson's